Busy up here over the holidays, with lots of people out trying there hand at ice fishing.
Some really cold temps at night, but the daytimes were spectacular, warmed right up, with clear blue skies, lots of sun and no wind. We saw -31 one morning!!! Cold snap is forecasted to break, and some nice weather is on it’s way.
Mix fishing reports, some days the trout were really ‘on’, while others day they just didn’t want to bight. Anglers that were mobile and move to different areas in the lake, found fish that had no pressure and where willing biters, had good success. The usual 5 -7 feet of water off weed patches are the best areas. Worms or small shrimp pieces are the best producers.Lots of scuds are coming up through the holes when drilled near or in the weed beds, lots of food for them to gorge on this winter.


Nice Tunkwa 18″ rainbow


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