Tunkwa had some very mild weather last week, with daytime temps hitting plus 7! Nightime temps stayed below freezing, freezing everything that melted. The lake lost it’s layer of surface snow and slush, turning lake into one giant skating rink! Very slippery out there. Ice thickness is between 10 and 14″ depending on what part of the lake your fishing. Fishing sounded spotty for most, lots of trout could be seen, but bites where very light. Guests did land some nice fish, up to 5lbs, but not any reports of numbers of trout being caught. We find often when ice fishing, approaching storms, or changes in the barometer can really have a big effect on the trout, often ‘turning’ them off the feed. Some snow and colder temps in this weeks forecast, putting us back into a winter wonderland.

All of our cabins are booked for this upcoming weekend, but we still have some availability for the following weekend.

We just replaced our ice fishing rental gear, with new, higher-end Rapala rod/reels(with Suffix ice line) and a bunch new Nokia 6″ augers, that cut through eh ice, like a hot knife going through butter!.

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