Aug. 9,20

Fishing has been spotty the last few days after a tough week of fishing. Fish have been caught on spinners/gang troll/worms under a float/pumkinheads/damsels/dragonfly nymphs/mayfly and caddis nymphs/scuds. Throat samples have showed scuds/daphnia/bloodworms/damsels and yesterday a report of adult chironomids, wings and all which is seldom seen so there are some chironomids coming off, mainly very small ones and a few 14’s and the odd bomber seen flying by. Fish are getting a bit more active especially in the mornings and evenings but still have not out of the weeds to the deeper parts of the lake to feed on chironomids. Last night it was down to 2 Deg, the night before 3 Deg, the wind a few days ago helps move the cooler water at the bottom to mix with the warmer surface water which yesterday was 65 Deg on the surface!!! Some guys did very well, if chironomids are not hatching one must get off the bobber and chuck your lines with the nymphs you see flying about..

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