Aug. 16,20

Summer weather has returned with forecast of the high pressure sticking around the upcoming week. With that fishing should continue to be good to very good as chironomid hatches are coming off with sizes up the #12’s with the odd report of #10 or bomber size. Various bomber patterns are working also patterns in size #12 and #14. Gang trolls with wedding band dabbed with worm, worm under a float, kwik fish and hot shots also produced fish. Damsels, dragon flies, mayflies have been coming off and evening hatches of cinnamon caddis have been coming off. Water temps are hovering around 66 Deg with late afternoon temps up to 70 on the surface and mornings down to 64 to 65 on the surface. The past week overnight temps have been 2 -3 Deg with one night down to 0, yes, that is quite cool and unseasonable. Did see a water boatman on the shoreline..

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