July 3.20

It’s been a tough week out on the lake. Fish moved back into the weeds and shallow water during the week. Earlier in the week we were marking fish but they were not feeding. Damsels are coming off in good numbers and noticed a travelling sedge floating by in a small chuck of weed, it’s home built with lake vegetation and it was sticking it’s head out. Earned myself a goose egg yesterday but did get into fish on caddis nymph’s and #14 Elvis chironomids but the net stayed dry.
Today there seems to be a change as fish are moving and taking bomber size chironomids in 14 feet of water. Picked up an almost bomber size chironomid off our docks, a gassed up burgundy ribbed wiggler. Yesterdays wind again blew off the warm water on the surface pushing it down to the lower depths of the lake. North end was 72 Deg surface temp, South end 64-65 Deg. surface temp, it shows how important winds can be to help circulate the water and change it’s temperature and oxygen level. Bring on the BOMBERS!!!

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