‘Epic’ or ‘the best day fishing of my life’ were just a couple of the comments from guests this past weekend!
Fishing has been very good the past week, today chironomid hatches are heavy in size #12 and fish are feeding heavily on them. Water temperatures on the surface are 65-66F today with overcast conditions. Trollers have caught a few fish, as well as worms under a float, but they come in asking how to fish with chironomids, as they see how effective this presentation is right now. We have been trying to get them set up to fish them, you don’t need a flyrod to chironomid fish(see Fishing with Rods Video on Youtube), if presented properly one can do just as well as folks with a spinning rod! Night time temps dropped to  plus1F last night with highs of 20F. The water will be at its warmest of the year this week so chironomid hatches should continue to be heavy and fish will be feeding on them. Hopefully the giant bomber sized chironomids come off, large shucks have been seenlately and some spectacular fishing reports from many.
See you on the water!

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