June 24,20

Unstable weather continues to effect the hatches and steady fishing. Throat samples show shrimp(scuds) and the odd bomber size chironomid pupae along with 316 chromies. Fish have been caught on brown bombers, #14 Elvis, #16 chromies for indicator fisherman. Damsels … Continue reading

June 14,20

Unstable weather patterns continue though the region, surface water temps are 55 F and expected to rise later in the week where much warmer temps arrive finally! Spinners casted produced fish and some fishing worm under a float also produced … Continue reading

June 10,20

We have had very unstable rainy and cool weather dropping surface water temperatures from 58 down to 54 yesterday. Damsel nymphs and halfbacks casting to shallow water produced fish. Panther Martins were also working but fish were hitting them but … Continue reading

April 25/20

Tunkwa iced off last night, not a spec of ice out there this morning. Fastest any of us ever seen that much ice go! Howling winds up here today, the lake will be getting churned up pretty good. Now we … Continue reading

March 09/20

Ice fishing is still going strong on Tunkwa. The ice is approximately 15″, and no sign of any deterioration from run off as of yet. Fish being caught are coming out of the shallower areas of the lake, in close … Continue reading

Feb 09,20

Fish are still biting for some ice fisher’s with stories of larger fish nibbling at their offerings with a few getting hooked but coming off trying to get them up through the hole, looking like nice fish are out there … Continue reading

Jan. 12/20

Winter has arrived at Tunkwa, some fresh snow with rapidly falling temperatures, and they are forecasting some record cold this week. It’s a good week to not be out on the lake, if the forecast is correct. Fishing the past … Continue reading

Dec 27,19

Ice is 7 inches thick with 6 inches of snow on the ice and surrounding areas. Fish have been caught in a few spots around the lake with first light and last light being the best action. Weather is mild … Continue reading

Dec. 08,19

Ice thickness has been taped at 7 inches 200 feet off the resorts shoreline. A few guests did quite well while a few didn’t, nice chunky silver clean fish.


4 inches of ice thickness within 200 feet off the resorts shoreline and some of the bays where it’s been frozen for a few weeks. Unsafe to walk across the middle of the lake as it iced up earlier this … Continue reading