July 5.20

The last couple of days have been much nicer compared to the last month of unstable weather. With the warmer water, water temps will rise and we should see things get back on track for bug hatches on the lake. Chironomids have been coming off sporadically the past month with primarily smaller sizes and isolated hatches. The last few days the fly fisherman have been having better success fishing chironomids, which shows that the fish are coming out of the weeds to feed on the chironomids, Damsels and caddis are also hatching again after seeing them early June and not seen in any numbers, probably due to the drop in water temps and unstable weather. Mayfly dun’s were working well the past week and caddis nymphs also picked up fish, esp in the evenings, fished across the tops of the weedbeds. Troller’s were having a bit harder time with the trout in the weedy areas, some trolling pumkinheads and wedding bands dabbed with worms caught fish. Water temps went up to 62-63 2 days ago and should be up a couple more today with the LONG awaited sunshine and warmer weather.


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