June 14,20

Unstable weather patterns continue though the region, surface water temps are 55 F and expected to rise later in the week where much warmer temps arrive finally! Spinners casted produced fish and some fishing worm under a float also produced fish for some. Fish are in shallow water as fly fisherman casting and stripping various leech patterns reported tough fishing but when into a fish they were a good size with number of reports of break offs. Half backs full backs, pumpkin heads, vampire leeches and Brian Chan’s ruby eye leech picked up fish. Nice to hear of fish to 4 lbs from a number of guests. With the warmer weather approaching later in the week and water temps warming up we will see a return of the hatches and expecting them to be quite exciting. Damsels and Caddis were just starting to come off when the cooler weather arrived and also chironomids hatches stalled and just size 16-18 and smaller came off since the cooler weather arrived. There were reports of bomber size chironomids coming off which may be the species that came off the last 3 years in late May..

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