Fishing continues to be spotty. Stripping full sink lines or trolling them along with others using spinning rods and getting to deeper water(12 feet) are getting fish on maroon, brown and black leech patterns. Wedding bands have also been getting fish. A single large olive chironomid gave one fisher the reason to go olive with the color on his chironomid and paid off with good action for him. Bloodworm patterns still seem to be the ticket in getting good numbers of fish, fished over a mud bottom a few inches either slow strip or just hanging resulted in hard takes, flying leaps only to loose the fish, using #12 4X is most likely the cause to loose 80% of the fish hooked. I will be at the bench with other hook styles to close the gap to those lost. Haven’t heard any throat samples today but a visit to the fish cleaning station should solve that. Yesterday large bloodworms were taken in a throat sample while most had zip.


Lake drawdown has started, lake’s water level is high and dropping a bit daily. Last Thursdays thunderstorm and high winds for an hour pushed the warm top layer into the lower depths of the lake where the temperatures were 62 … Continue reading

July 29,18

Light winds to still conditions the past few days along with temperatures to 30 Deg. has heated up the surface of the lake, temperatures deeper are cooler and no algae exists on the surface. Throat samples have been for the … Continue reading

July 24/18

Since the last report, we have seen some great days fishing out on Tunkwa Lake. The trout have been out over the deeper lake basin(18-19′), and feeding heavily on the bloodworms, and bigger Chironomids staging to hatch. Some days have … Continue reading

July 16,2018

For the most part, we saw some pretty good fishing over the past week up here at Tunkwa! Summer is here, and we are having nice sunny warm days, but nice cool nights, mornings are still single digit temperatures. The … Continue reading

July 5,18

A beautiful sunny and warm day today with highs to 27, evening temps are up to 8 last night from cooler temps the previous nights. Water temps were 56 yesterday on the surface, down considerably for some time. Today Damsels … Continue reading

July 3/18

Lots of unsettled weather in the area, including snow in the hills Monday morning! Snow, on July 2, wow….. Fishing has been good to very good, when conditions calm down so you can fish. Tunkwa has been having some great … Continue reading

June 25/18

Fishing picked up pretty good up on Tunkwa since the last report. Chironomids starting hatching pretty steady on Tues, and the trout really got dialled in on them. Smaller sizes, and darker colours, or light browns seemed to be the … Continue reading

June 19/18

The weather and fishing has really improved up at Tunkwa since the last report. Summer has arrived! the warmer and more stable weather has started the ‘bugs’ to hatch. Chironomids, damsels and mayflies have been coming off. Everyone has been … Continue reading

June 11/18

We saw a fair bit of wind and unstable weather since the last report, even a good blanket of snow ending up in the hills surrounding the lake on Sunday morning!! The days when the weather shaped up, we saw … Continue reading

May 28/18

Fishing on Tunkwa was good early last week, anglers were into fish, using a variety of techniques, didn’t seem to matter. The Tunkwa area had very strong winds for 4 days, really changing things. Fishing was tougher for the rest … Continue reading