May 7/18

All the roads leading into Tunkwa are open and not effected by the swollen creeks in the area.

The lake itself is at normal level, and clarity is very good. Surface temps vary, but are in the low 50’s. We get asked this all the time, TURNOVER???…… Tunkwa is not really effected by a ‘turn over’ period, it is a shallow reservoir(not a lake) with constant water flushing in and out, never letting it set-up into the temperature bands, which are needed to ‘flip’ or ‘turn over’. The wave action last Monday and Tuesday, toally stirred up very part of the lake, as well, she’s well mixed. Tunkwa is a consitently a good bet at ice out, and beyond, no down time due to turnover.
Fishing was good to excellent the past week. The first couple days of the week were tough going due to strong north winds, and rough lake conditions. Once the weather settled down the fishing picked up. Trout are being caught in the shallows, kind of right where you lose sight of the bottom, and also can found suspended down at 6′ to 8′ over 12′-14′. Various presentations are working, with Chironomid action picking up later in the aft when things warm up a bit. Small dark leach patterns, BMW’s, PumpkinHeads, Scuds, even mayfly nymphs have been working. Chironomids in size 16-3xl and 14 have been the best size wise, Black/Red, Whisky-Dicks and Blue Dunns have been the most consistent Chironomid patterns. Chironomid hatches have been light and short lived, but if your on them when there popping, look out!

Best advise we give anglers on Tunkwa is to keep moving until you find the trout moving(splashing, or swirling on the top) and set up quietly on these fish(shallow fish are very spooky). If your not seeing fish moving, then keep looking. You will have to move often to keep on these schools of trout cruising the edges.

Trollers have been doing excellent the past bunch of days. Getting your prersentation down to about 6′, no deeper then 8′ is key. Bright coloured Kwikfish or Hotshots, have been hot! Guys trolling darker coloured wedding bands, are reporting lots of action, non stop fish at times. PumkinHeads, Patrol cars or Blue Maroons patterns will get you fish when trolled at the right level.

See you out on the water!

Kel and Lorrainne had some great action on there stay here last week, trolling Kwikfish or HotShot plugs, weighted slightly to get them down to the 6-8′ level..

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