May 14/18

For the most part, we’ve had Some beautiful weather up here at Tunkwa! A few windy days out of the north, but all in all pretty good most days. Weird week for fishing, some days, it’s just been on fire, other days, really tough, and some anglers are just really getting into the trout while others are struggling to hook. The trout are really dialed into the chironomid hatches, and it’s key to be fishing right on top of the hatch, if your off the hatch, you just won’t get hooked up.
Large numbers of smaller Chironomids have been hatching, sized 18 and 16’s for the most part, but the past couple days we have been seeing some huge ‘Bomber’ sized chironies hatching, and some of the trout are dialed in on these big bugs, throat samples have been full of them. The usual spring patterns are producing, Whisky-Dicks, Blue Dunns, ASB/Red rib, SnowCones or anything green it seems.

Trollers have had some good days, with the tout following up the hatches into the mid depths levels, and are actively feeding suspended off the bottom. Anything green seems to be what we are hearing from trollers, Kwikfish, HotShots or wedding bands are good bets.
If your coming up be sure to bring your sunscreen!

We are totally booked up for fast approaching the long weekend..

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