June 19,22

Continued unstable weather patterns have made fishing tougher as hatches have been weak to materialize. Damsels, Mayfly’s and small chironomids hatches are spotty. Fish have been caught on dragon fly nymphs, scuds, pumkinheads balanced leeches and damsel nymphs. Chironomids…coppertop,red ribbed static bag and dark greens in large sizes also caught fish. Some guest did very well considering the weather, a few short showers and brighter conditions yesterday, today light drizzle with overcast, weather is on the improve tomorrow with warmer temps through the week with the odd shower. Throat samples had large scuds and damsels while some had very large blood worms. Looking for active fish and finding them was more productive but they didn’t stick around in their search of better food source. Weather is slowly improving with warmer temps but still well below seasonal, water temps are also still cool at around 58. No caddis have been seen yet. Trollers caught fish on hot shots and Kwick fish, worm on the tail end of a wedding band and small gang troll and worm under a float.

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