June 1/2015

Weather was beautiful up here this past few days, with no more thunderstorms, but the fishing action slowed down. One had to work a bit more and move around to find active trout. Chironomid hatches have slowed down, with mainly smaller specimens hatching. Size 14/16 chironomids in ‘Whisky Dick’, and ‘Barnes Lake Specials’, have been good bets.

Damsels have been hatching, so various damsel patterns including Pumkinheads have been working. A few guests have been reporting hooking into some bigger trout fishing gomphus dragonfly nymph patterns, near the weed edges.

Trollers are getting into fish as well, with the usual presentations working. Covering water, and keeping your lure in the 4-5′ depth range is key.

A change in thew weather should see the chironomid hatches come on strong again..

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