July 9/18

Another week of unstable weather, it’s been quite the season. More rain in the area, great for reducing the forest fire risks(and we can still have campfires!) and the fresh water coming into the lakes is great for the whole ecosystem. Tunkwa’s water level has actually rose a couple inches. The unstable weather is not great for the bug hatches though, they are scattered and have been inconsistent. When the conditions shape up, and the bugs start popping off, fishing has been good. Chironomid fishermen, have been doing most consistent on the CopperTops or Wine Sally’s, sizing doesn’t seem to be too critical. Some of the higher elevation lakes around us, saw some incredible travelling Sedge hatches last week, guys who day tripped and hit them right, saw some incredible fishing.

As we see so often up here, when the chironomid fishing has been slow, people trolling or wind drifting have been doing better. the trout tend to be more scattered, and this method coves the most water, and gets the presentation in front of the most trout. The real trick to being successful is figuring out the depth the trout are at. A good quality fish finder will earn its keep, showing you the level the trout are at, then it’s just a matter of making sure your presentation is there. I swear by the accuracy and information my Humminbird Helix 5 graph/fish finder, gives me, it’s almost unfair to the fish! The most consistent producers for trolling, have been the K4 Kwikfish in darker patterns. The usual flies for trolling or drifting didn’t seem to be as effective for some reason

Looking at the weather forecast, it looks like incredible sunny, warm and stable weather will be arriving and sticking around for a while!

Connie with a nice one landed during her stay last week..

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