July 31, 22

Happy BC Day long weekend everyone. Hatches have slowed the past few days likely due to the very hot weather. Mornings and evenings have been the best times although mid day has had action if you find the fish with sonar or grouped boats. Fish are moving into the weeds to seek shade late morning and back out in the evenings. Damsels have been hatching heavily but casting in the weeds or along weed beds didn’t produce fish and no sign of subsurface feeding so fish are deep in the weeds. Some early morning and late evening chironomids coming off.

Weather is on a cooling trend starting tomorrow with some nights down to 9 Deg. and highs around 21-23 and Thursday 17Deg of a high….unusual for this time of year but it will help cool down the lake and hopefully bring back the hatches of chironomids as Mother Nature somehow keeps them from hatching during high surface water temps. Water temps at 15 feet down were 64.8 yesterday evening. A good wind will also help get things going. Trolling has been slower and not much to report on there.

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