Chironomid hatches have been spotty, some larger areas had hatches. Fish have been moving trying to locate hatches to feed and then move on if sparse or none, sizes from 16 to 10 have worked and patterns changing day by day, fish appear to be selective in their feeding as typically good patterns not working and changing up to find the right pattern is important and finding fish also important. Sonar shows fish on bottom coming up a couple feet then dropping back down to the bottom also showing fish 2 feet off the bottom and dropping to the bottom then coming up to 2 feet off the bottom so they are feeding. Throat samples show bloodworms and various pupae colors. Fish have also been feeding on the adults on the surface, mainly in the evenings. Worm under a float has also been spotty. Damsels, dragonflies, caddis and mayflies are also out so determining what their feeding on has been difficult.

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