July 29,18

Light winds to still conditions the past few days along with temperatures to 30 Deg. has heated up the surface of the lake, temperatures deeper are cooler and no algae exists on the surface. Throat samples have been for the most part empty with some small scuds, some snails and a few samples in the last 24 hours show green bloodworms and red blood worms. Fishing has been tough although some are catching fish on damsels and large pupae Chironomids a foot off the bottom. Very few large Chironomids have been seen although chucks are drifting by so with the full moon there may of been overnight hatch. #14’s were seen coming off Saturday morning in 8 feet of water.
FlyBC were up over the weekend for their annual Bomber run fish out, some nice fish were caught with the largest 24 inches and numbers of 20-21 inches.
Wind is supposed to come out of the South South West to 20 km the next few days after 6 days out of the North, the warmer surface water will get down to the lower parts of the lake and hopefully trigger the large Chironomids to start hatching..

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