Lake drawdown has started, lake’s water level is high and dropping a bit daily. Last Thursdays thunderstorm and high winds for an hour pushed the warm top layer into the lower depths of the lake where the temperatures were 62 rose to 65 and surface temps were 72-74 dropped to 68. Some localized hatches began mainly #12 but large chironomids did come off but not in huge numbers. Bloodworm patterns a foot off the bottom in 11 feet of water whether fished static or twitched in and or some short quick strips enticed fish to take the pattern resulted one fisher 30 ish fish, most struggled as the hatch was in a certain area but others did catch fish in that area. Throat samples showed damsels, scuds and chironomid larva and some #14 green Chironomids. Worm under a float did catch fish and spinners also caught fish.
Weather continues to be at the 30 deg mark for the daytime high and the evenings drop to 7 to 10 degrees making for comfortable sleeping at night, a bit cool for the tenters..

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