July 2,23

Fishing continues to be spotty although picking up at times. We have finally had 3 days of strong Southerly winds and last night at 10 the winds switched to North and blew 30k plus for a number of hours giving the lake a good mixing of the water, tomorrow North winds are up to 30 k gusts with the weeks outlook a North and East breeze. Coppertops in sizes 14 to 10 have picked up fish. Leeches, bloodworms, small chironomids, small and large scuds and the odd damsel have been in throat samples and today, limeys and bright green chironomids but only in size #16’s. Fish have been active at times taking something on the surface or just under, there have been good hatches of Cinnamon Caddis coming off so they may of been feeding on them. Fishing was tough today, last night some did very well, it’s been difficult even for us locals to figure things out, the fish just seem to feed hard then move on to another food source and were left starring at a motionless indicator. Last night water temps on the surface were 62.5, an hour later 60, it was 3 Deg. overnight with highs to 21 today. Thinking the lakes cooler water temps and a good mixing of the water may get things going if stable weather arrives, looks so so this week for that, here’s for hoping.

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