July 17/17

We are still fortunate, the wildfires are a longs ways away from us, and we are not been effected by them. Weather up at Tunkwa last week was just beautiful. Sunny, and warm, not too hot, and nice cool nights, often dipping into the single digits. Best of all, the prevailing southerly breeze kept the smoke away. The resort has been full of guests, all are having a good time, it’s business as usual up here!

Sunday afternoon, the breeze turned a little bit to the north, and we had some smoke creep in from the Thompson valley. It didn’t creep in too far south, so we figure as soon as the wind picks up out of the south(like it always does) we will be smoke free and clear again. Right now it’s not too bad, we can see clearly across the lake and into the meadows on the west side.


Fishing has been pretty good for many of our guests the past week, there have been a few struggling, but others are really on them. We are starting to see more and more ‘bomber’ sized chironomids coming off. If you can get dialled in to the small spots, were they are actively hatching, you will have good action.  Surprisingly, the better hatches have been coming off fairly early in the morning. Our algae bloom is still pretty light…….we find the heavy bloom helps trigger the hatch, as this increases, so will the hatch. When the hatch comes on, it will be widespread across the central lake basin. Typically the hatch peaks, the first full week of Aug, we are seeing the ‘ramp-up’ to this now.

Bomber sized chironomids,…..Elvis, Chameleon, CopperTop, Duct Tape, Black, Static/Green, Static/Cranberry, or Dark Greena, have been good choices.

Trolling wet flies(PumpkinHeads, Blue maroons, K Marts) getting down to around 7′ will get you fish. Some good reports coming from guest using Gang trolls, tipped with worms, or a plug(Kwikfish/Hot Shot) to.

We’ve seen some nice trout hooked off the dock, fishing a worm under a float. Make sure you have a net, as it’s hard to hoist a bigger trout up without one!

Ava and her husband Ferzat, were really dialled into the chironomid hatch this week!

The annual Weibe family get together was a success!

Bomber time!


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