July 10/17

Tunkwa has been fortunate and not effected by the wild fires to the north. We will update the status as it effects Tunkwa on our Home page and Facebook page.

Fishing has been consistent since the last report. Productive presentations have changed day to day. Fish to over 3 lbs have been landed by guests.

Most consistent, method has been to fish a bloodworm pattern under an indicator, 5′-7′ under the surface, over 10-13′ off the weed beds. Surprisingly, we have some great chironie fishing, at last light, with some non stop action. Chameleons, Elvis, Duct tapes, or CopperTops have been the best chironomid aptterns. Throat sample or stomach contents( on the cleaning table) are showing lots of giant bloodworms, usually metallic green in colour. Looks like things are ramping up for our much anticipated ‘bomber’ hatch, which typcially peaks the first week of August.

Mayfly patterns stripped in just below the surface film, has been a good bet, when the mayflies are hatching. Caddis hatches have slowed down.

Guest trolling, PumpkinHeads or Blue Maroons, on a sink dip, getting down to about 5′ have been hooking up as well.

Hot-Shots and Kwikfish plugs continue to produce as well, colour varies depending on the light conditions. We have a good stock in our store of productive colours.

Worms fished under a float continue to produce.

Giant Blooworms are showing up in throat samples, a great indicator things are ramping up for the ‘Bomber’ hatch.


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