Jan. 29/18

For the most part, fishing was slow for many of our guests this past weekend. We missed most of the snow and storms around the Tunkwa area, only receiving a couple inches in total over the weekend, but the passing storms seemed to have the trout really turned off. Many reports of fish coming in for a look, but not really biting, with any bites being very light. Under these conditions, the trout need to be aggravated into hitting………lots of aggressive jigging, with flashy presentations are key! Using a bait that will stay attached, is important. We’ve found worm chunks or mealworm pieces, are best when jigging aggressively.

A quick reminder to folks, that the unmaintained roads going into the Provincial Park are very dicey, and use at your own risk! The roads into the Tunkwa Provincial campground, and the southern day-use area, are doable in a 4 wheel drive vehicle with a bit of ground clearance, but the road into the Leighton campground is not really passable for any vehicles, other than but snowmobiles. The ditches are deep along these roads, and have caused more then one really bad stuck vehicle.

Here is a quickie fishing report with picts from one of our guests(see below).

From: Chris Barnes
Date: January 28, 2018 11:42:18 PM PST

Hey Al, Chris here from cabin 16&15 this weekend. Here’s some pitcs for ya.
Fish were all caught in about 7-10’ of water, with a flasher, dropper and dew worm, or small (dime sized) colorado spinner tipped with dew worm. Most fish caught while actively jigging.


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