Feb 5/18

Another busy weekend up here at Tunkwa!
A bit more snow came down, but we’re still seeing still milder temps.
Fishing reports we got from guests were all over the place, some doing very well, others just an odd fish here and there, and some, reporting no luck. It sounds like it’s just a matter of being in the right place at the right time. Heard reports of steady hot action when the schools of trout would pass by. Moving around on the lake and drilling until you find the fish, is really key at this time of the year. Early morning and last light saw the better bights come on. Still plenty of ice out there, 14″, and very little slush.
Conservation officers were on the lake this weekend, great to see! Make sure you have your fishing liscence on you, as you never know when your going to get checked!

Picture from guest Pat H. from Saturday. “Who needs a tape measure”?.

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