The mule deer rut has pretty well finished off, with very few bucks being observed pursuing does. They have started to migrate to there local wintering areas, and can be observed in big numbers there.
As usual, once the muley rut winds down, the whitetail activity really picks up. It’s this time of the year, when you can see all the track, you get an idea of how many whitetails are in the Tunkwa area. Much of the activity is happening at night though, but the bucks will step out mid day in pursuit of does.
Since the last report, we’ve seen harvested, a few more mulie bucks,  several WT bucks, and a few LEH mulie doe draws filled before they expired.

This guy came in hard for the rattling!

Another big tunkwa WT buck for Bo!

Ken B with his first WT buck.

Cheers! WT buck down!!

Humps nice Tunkwa WT buck..

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