May 25/2015

We’ve had alot of unstable weather in the area since the last report, with Thunderstorms bubbling up most afternoons, fortunately most have been missing us and just skirting the lake.The weekend saw some severe storms and heavy rains. Fishing has … Continue reading

May 19/2015

Fishing remained very good on Tunkwa even with some wet and stormy weather. Many regular guests commented that fishing was the best they have ever seen on Tunkwa. It was a busy weekend on most of the local lakes, and … Continue reading

May 11/2015

With the nice sunny, warm stable weather, Tunkwa has seen some incredible chironomid hatches over the past week, and fishing has been very good to excellent. Larger sized bugs have started to hatch and throat samples taken from trout being … Continue reading

May 4/2015

Fishing on Tunkwa was good on the weekend, with everyone catching lots of trout. Trolling was working very well, with anything green being hot! Kwikfish, hotshots, wedding bands all producing. PumkinHeads, Two Tone Olive leach patterns, were working good as … Continue reading

April 27/2015

The beginning of this past week started off beautiful, with sunny weather, temps into the mid 20’s. The rest of the week saw wind, with snow, hail, and a tiny bit of rain, what a change!Even with the adverse weather, … Continue reading

April 21/15

Some nice weather up here this weekend, and mixed reports coming in from guests out fishing. Fishing pressure was very light. Some anglers fishing chironomids off the shore reported lots of action, fishing “Wisky Dick” or Black Silver patterns in … Continue reading

April 13/15

A windy stormy weekend up here, with the Coq. highway getting pounded wtih snow, made fgettign here, and ishing for the die-hards only! Setting up out of the wind was the trick, and guests did get into trout. Chironomids and … Continue reading


Some incredible fishing on Tunkwa this week, the sun sure warmed the water up, and brought on some good hatches. Water surface temp hit 50F in some spots! Follow the feeding swallows and find the hatches. then catch the trout … Continue reading


Mixed reports coming in from guests fishing Tunkwa this weekend, but some did well, once they got on actively feeding trout. Lots of smaller chironomids hatching, filling the air at times. Water temps start at around 40F and are rising … Continue reading

March 29/15

A windy weekend up at Tunkwa, but still warm. Lake levels are slowly rising, but water clarity remained good. Water temps in the upper 40’s. Few guests out fishing were able to tuck themselves into some protected bays to get … Continue reading