Mixed reports coming in from guests fishing Tunkwa this weekend, but some did well, once they got on actively feeding trout. Lots of smaller chironomids hatching, filling the air at times. Water temps start at around 40F and are rising to about 44F in the afternoon. Best fishing is in the afternoon, when it does warm up. Trout are being caught very shallow.Smaller black/silver or black/red chironomids have been good producers. Micro leaches in maroon, black or olive green, have also been working. One angler was having good success with a smaller mayfly nymph. Trollers using smaller Kwikfish, HotShots are having success, but fly fishing the shallows is a better option.Talked to one troller who did well with a dark coloured #6 LuckyBug lure.
Fish on the cleaning table, have lots of small scuds(freshwater shrimp) in them, but we are also seeing leaches, chironomids, and daphnia, in the mix.
Water clarity on Tunkwa is mixed, some areas very clear, but some spots hammered by waves or influenced by run off from our creeks, have lower visibility. Leighton had very poor vis on the weekend, most likely going through turn over..

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