August 25,18

Long awaited wait for the bombers hatch is over. Their coming off in deep water over many areas of the lake. Some guys during the week were into dozens of the larger pennasks as the schools moved around feeding on the large Chironomids. Water temperatures are 65 at the surface and dropping daily as the smoke cover the last 5 days is keeping the sun’s heat from heating up the lake. Night time temperatures have been hovering around 5 or 6 and cloud cover is now replacing the smoke cover keeping sun off the lake keeping it cool. Were almost into September and I’ll go out on a limb that Chironomids will be coming off through the month of September. There are some cinnamon caddis coming off today. Air quality has now improved…good reddens!! With the Westerly airflow things should improve daily. Black with silver sparkle Kwickfish worked during the week trolling down the middle of the lake..

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