Aug. 20.2018

An absolutely beautiful morning up here at Tunkwa. After a smoky weekend, the smoke really started to dissipate Sunday afternoon, and we awoke today to really clear skies, and calm conditions.

The fishing really started to pick up on Sunday, as Chironomids started to hatch in many places all over the lake, instead of just the small area that has been producing as of late. We heard from several anglers yesterday, smaller(14/12s) green patterns were the hot ticket for them. One of our staff was out fishing in the afternoon, on into early evening, and had good success fishing ASB/red ribs in size 12’s and on Bomber sized ‘Justin jewels’.

Looking like it’s going to be a great week to be fishing on Tunkwa!

Picture taken a few minutes ago showing the current conditions up here at Tunkwa!.

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