Fishing got a bit on the tougher side up here at Tunkwa since the last report. Chironomids were still hatching during the early part of the week, and fishing was good. Thursday saw a cold front rip through, complete with thunderstorms and high winds, plus an immediate 10C drop in the temperature! A couple of mornings we awoke to -1C!!! This really slowed the hatches, and put the trout down. Constant moving and catching a trout here and there seemed to be the norm. Trollers seemed to be having a bit better success then the fly anglers.
Warm sunny stable weather has come back to the area, and catch rates seemed to improve today, not on fire but guests are hooking up, some better then others. Feeding fish seem to be cruising 8′ below the surface, and really moving around. We typically see this happen around this time of the year, and the trout will start to move in shallow feeding in the weedbeds looking for a good meal, the cold nights are letting them know winter is coming, and they better fatten up before it arrives. A change in tactic, fishing the green weed edges, or bigger openings, will get you into trout..

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