Tunkwa has been experiencing some nice weather, with some nice clearing skies, and even a couple days with rain falling good during the nights. Nights have been nice and cool, often dropping to single digits, but days are nice and warm, just perfect!

We are still fortunate to be not effected by the wildfires to the north. Lots of guests in, and all are very happy, and having a great holiday.

For the most part, fishing remained steady since the last report, with a couple tougher, or slower days in the mix. Chironomids continue to hatch heavy during the nights, and mayflies have been coming off on the cloudy/hazy days.

Water levels have dropped, and the algea bloom has really never materialized. Surface water temps range from the mid 60’s, to low 70’s on sunny days.

Chironomid sizes have been still on the smaller size, with few big bombers in the mix. Bloodworms in throat samples are still on the large, or ‘bomber’ size. Size 12’s or 14-2xl flies have been best. No particualr pattern is working better then another, they all seem to have there moments. ASB red or black rib, has been a good choice, as have various reds or green patterns to match the bloodworms(chironomid larvae). Trick seems to be finding the distance off bottom, the trout are feeding in. Some days it’s a foot off bottom, another it can be 4′ off bottom.

Trolling success picked up over the weekend. Attractor wet flies( PumpkinHeads, Blue Maroons or Vampire leaches) fished about 10′ down have been working. Slow trolling a weighted Kwikfish, getting it down, has been producing as well.

Worms continue to catch fish, but guests rigging a chironomid under a slip float, instead of a worm, have found the fly to out produce the bait!


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