April 13th, 23

Last year we were fishing the lake at this time, it was 2 weeks earlier than normal ice off time. Not this year as Spring is not being cooperative.  Ice off will probably be around the last week of April. Lots of runoff from snow melt entering the lake and the creeks have been flowing. Sunday of the Easter weekend high winds all day and into the night and 10Deg. temperatures melted most of the snow and ice around the lake and took off around 3-4 inches of the surface ice. Some areas had from 2 feet to 4 feet of open water on the edges. Daytime highs are slowly climbing this week however overnight temps are still below 0 which refroze the top of the melted water along some edges. Over the Easter weekend overnight temps hovered around 3 Deg. It’s -5 this morning with a dusting of snow overnight with the odd flurry the next couple days with rain and 8 Deg over the coming weekend which will help deteriorate the ice.

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