June 25.21

Some interesting reports from the past week. Mornings have have good chironomid fishing until 9-8:30, guests out at 4 a.m. mentioned fishing was on fire. Evening guests doing well with Caddis dry fly fishing as the Caddis were coming off and fish slurping the adults on the surface. One fellow in a float tube(FlyBC’s Pornamid) fished all day yesterday with around 50 to the net, depth was key as fish were suspended in search of food. Damsels have been coming off in good numbers and dragon fly’s have been seen. Chironomids have been seen coming off in the early mornings with guest doing well until the sunshine is too strong and mother nature puts an end to the emergence, usually around 9-9:30. We did have a good N West wind Thursday afternoon and all day Friday so the warmer surface water did mix with the much cooler deeper water triggering the chironomid hatches. Trollers didn’t get as many fish over the weekend but did well during the past week as more of the fishes natural food became available. The calm, very hot days has raised the surface temps but without any wind the lower temps are staying cool. Overnight temps have been down to 10-11 Deg. so very comfortable when the sun goes down and into the nights cooling for sleeping. Will be setting the alarm clock tonight!!

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