July 22, 2019

Summer has finally arrived after a very wet and cooler pattern since mid June. Trollers have been catching fish in spinners and gang trolls with wedding band with a small piece of worm trailing. Hot shots and Kwick fish in the frog pattern also produced fish. The good ol worm and bobber fishing in less that 8 feet of water also has been doing well, with bar rig setups working the best.
The long awaited chironomid hatches are showing signs of it’s approach as #16’s have been the staple during the cooler first part of summer. The past couple days #12 and #10’s have been seen but not in big numbers. Blood worms have been in throat samples along with water fleas and #16 coppertops and chromies and yesterday throat samples show bomber (#10) size chromies in the fish sampled, the #10 3x Iron Man would be a good match! FlyBC’s member Pornamid did very well on………..#16 Pornamids while some other members up did well on Elvis in bomber sizes( 10 3x ) Damsels have also worked very well. Dragon flies are now flying around, first time this year.
Water temps yesterday were 61.5 Deg on the surface, next 3-4 days of 27 plus temps along with a 2 week forecast of low 20’s will be a nice stable slow rise in water temperature so I’m expecting great hatches of all sizes starting in the next few days and ramping up for a good weekend ahead for chironomid hatches.


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