Is Tunkwa Lake Resort open during the Fall and Winter?

For the winter season, snowmobile rentals are available(reservations required before arrival) with access to endless trails, catering to a full spectrum of abilities. We have some equipment that is available for use ( skates, sticks, pucks, hockey nets), but please check with us at time of booking. We provide a lighted outdoor rink on the lake, and keep the rink in fine shape for skating. There are plenty of fire pits on the shores of the lake in front of the cabins. A covered gazebo with a large BBQ is also available for guests to use, propane is supplied. Winter guests often see some of the best wildlife in the middle of winter, including herds of wild horses that frequently the meadows around the lake. Star gazing into the clear winter skies is nothing short of incredible at Tunkwa!  Ice fishing opportunities exist on both Tunkwa Lake and neighbouring Leighton Lake. Safe ice is from December until late March, most winters.

For the hunting season, there is easy access to endless amounts of Crown land. Mule deer, Whitetail and moose are the primary game sought.Waterfowl, grouse and predator hunting are other options. We also offer a special building designed for hanging game and there are game butchers available in the area..

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