April 22, 2019

Mixed fishing reports from the last few days, but it was a tougher go for most. Stirred up cold water, always make fishing a challenge. We had almost a week of high winds up here, often switching directions, and off coloured run-off, made lots of the lake dirty(poor visibility). Finding areas of cleaner water, and very shallow was key, bonus, some wind(current) pushing the hatching chironomids into the area, would get you on the fish. Tiny chironomids(size 16, in various patterns) were working well. Anglers fishing off the bank(or our docks), did much better then those in the boats! Yesterday some some calmer conditions, coupled with more sun, lots of chironomids hatching to, fishing right around the resort end of the lake, was very good, while reports from other parts of the lake were very poor. As is typical in the spring(very early season fishing), the smaller trout are very active and aggressive, they will make up the bulk of the catch. We had a few fish closer to 4lbs caught this week, and one of our annual campers, landed a 6lb class fish yesterday afternoon! The wind is howling from the south today, it wouldn’t be very pleasant to be on the lake today. Some stable weather will see the lake set up a bit better, and make more favourable fishing conditions..

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