April 13/18

Lots of inquiries about ice off conditions at Tunkwa.
We are definitely a bit behind things this spring. Tunkwa ices off mid April on average, but we have seen it go as early as March 25, and a record late of May 5. Leighton lake is usually a good week or so behind Tunkwa, as it is more protected from the south winds.
Currently, the lake ice is rotten all along the shoreline edges, and there are bigger openings wherever run off is making its way into the lake. The lake has risen about 1′ in the last week…… things are starting to happen, and we should see it come off within the next two weeks.

We wouldn’t recommend venturing out on the ice to fish. This time of the year, the ice, even as thick as it is, can go from being solid and strong in the morning, then suddenly(due to the heat of the sun) loose it’s ‘structural’ strength, and just crumble from weight put on it on it, it’s just not worth the risk venturing out there.

The two lakes down the road from us, at a much lower elevation, ice offed last week, they are seeing a fair bit of pressure as they are very few options for anglers to get out on the StillWaters.

We will do updates here on as ice off progresses. …..

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