Boat Rentals

  • All rentals include the use of safety kit, life-jackets, fuel, pyramid anchors and paddle(s).
  • All of our outboards motors are easy starting, quiet, smooth running, and smoke-free Yamaha 4 Strokes.
  • All of our Jon boats, are wide and stable, have flat floors, seats, good anchors front and back with Scotty anchor systems.
  • A deposit/payment will charged at time of booking for ALL boat rentals.Cancellation fee’s will be charged on any cancellations.
  • Prices do not include tax. Package pricing/specials only for guests staying at the resort
Boat TypeDay RateHalf Day RateHourly
Alum. Boat NO motor$50.00/day$35.00/half-day
Spratley Rowboat (1 person)$50.00/day$35.00/half-day
12' Kayak or Paddle Board$35.00/day$25.00/half-day$12.50 per hour
14' with motor $80.00/day$55.00/half-day
Jon Boat with motor$100.00/day$65.00/half-day

Boat Rental Packages:

Weekend Package 
1/2 day Friday, full day Saturday, 1/2 day Sunday
(Not available on long weekends)
14' boat $150.00
Jon Boat $185.00
Long Weekend Package 
1/2 day Friday, full day Saturday & Sunday, 1/2 day Monday14' boat $205.00
Jon Boat $250.00
Multiple Day Boat Deal 
3 days minimum
(Except on weekends and holidays, only for guests staying at the resort)
30% off regular rental rates
7 Day Boat Rate 
Row Boat $200.00
14' Boat & Motor$325.00
Jon Boat & Motor$400.00
Midweek 2 day booking 
Midweek 2 day booking
(Only for guests staying at the resort)
$10.00 off regular rental rates