May 27, 2019

Since our last fishing report, we’ve seen a good bout of unstable weather in the Tunkwa area. Quiet a few thunderstorms ripped through, and we saw lots of much needed rain come dwon. Fishing has been really up and down, … Continue reading

May 20,19

Unstable weather patterns the past week kept fishing spotty or flurries of good fishing when the sun came out. Mayflies came off just before the rain showers and also came off in the evenings. Chironomid fishing was good for some … Continue reading

May 13/19

Fishing remained good to excellent, most of the days since the last report. There were a couple days the trout seemed off(too full?), but things picked right back up. Chironomid continue to hatch hard all over the lake, majority of … Continue reading

April 29, 2019

A real mixed bag of weather up here at Tunkwa since the last fishing report. Sun, wind, rain, even an all day snowstorm! Mixed reports coming in from guests fishing. When the weather permits, guests have been into trout, fishing … Continue reading

April 22, 2019

Mixed fishing reports from the last few days, but it was a tougher go for most. Stirred up cold water, always make fishing a challenge. We had almost a week of high winds up here, often switching directions, and off … Continue reading

April 10, 2019

Just finished stocking our fly boxes in the store. We have a great selection of incredible ties in chironomids this year, all tied on top quality hooks as well. Leaches and attractor patterns will be enroute tomorrow. Bring on the … Continue reading

Mar. 28,19

Last weeks warm spell has melted the snow around the resort and lower elevations around the lake. Lots of runoff entered the lake. I haven’t been on the ice but fisherman have been off the day use site ice fishing … Continue reading

Feb. 14,19

The recent arctic outflow has increased the lake ice from 12 to 14 inches to 15-18 inches. Temps have warmed up to a bit below seasonal. Fish have been caught over the weekends off weed beds being the best results.Worms,krill,deli … Continue reading