July 15, 2019

Finally some nicer weather in the Tunkwa area this past week. Fishing for the most part has been slower. Best action is still occurring in the evenings until dark. Chironomids are still being fished high in the water column(3-6.5′) and … Continue reading

July 7,19

Weather patterns the past week have been very unstable with copious amounts of rain, raising lake levels a few inches in what should be sunny and warm weather at this time of year. Trollers have been catching fish on various … Continue reading

July 2, 2019

Lots of unstable weather since the last report, but the Canada Day lon weeeknd, saw a big improvement. All the rains the past while has really raised the water levels in Tunkwa, and brought the water tmeprature down, all good … Continue reading

June 23.19

Last week chironomids were starting to come off in a few spots and fish would come through in schools which would last for a short period then come through again to feed. A few spots have had longer periods of … Continue reading


Fishing has really been up and down, since the last report. Like always, some guests have been doing extremely well, while other struggling. For the most most part, trolling or stripping flies has been the ticket to get into the … Continue reading

June 9,19

Fishing over the weekend was spotty as the unstable weather patterns have been moving through the Southern Interior. Fish were caught trolling using gang trolls with a piece of worm, Kwik Fish, Hot Shots and pumkinheads. The worm and float … Continue reading

June 3/19

Overall fishing has been a bit on the slower side in general since the last report. The weather has been beautiful, warm sunny, and very summer-like, but the chironomids have not been hatching with any kind of consistency. Everyone is … Continue reading

May 30,19

Fishing the past week has been good for trollers using small wedding band dabbed with a worm, gang trolls with a worm, Kwikfish, Hot Shots and pumpkinheads. Fish are moving a few feet under the surface in search of food. … Continue reading

May 27, 2019

Since our last fishing report, we’ve seen a good bout of unstable weather in the Tunkwa area. Quiet a few thunderstorms ripped through, and we saw lots of much needed rain come dwon. Fishing has been really up and down, … Continue reading

May 20,19

Unstable weather patterns the past week kept fishing spotty or flurries of good fishing when the sun came out. Mayflies came off just before the rain showers and also came off in the evenings. Chironomid fishing was good for some … Continue reading

May 13/19

Fishing remained good to excellent, most of the days since the last report. There were a couple days the trout seemed off(too full?), but things picked right back up. Chironomid continue to hatch hard all over the lake, majority of … Continue reading