Changes for the late Fall/Winter season

In order to keep our rustic cabins open this winter, we’ve had to implement these changes:

-All of our Covid mitigation Procedures and protocols will remain in
place, as noted.

-Our log cabins will have a 4 night min. stay from Thanksgiving onward
for the late fall and winter season.

-Our rustic cabins will continue to have a 4 night min. stay until
Dec.1, then it will switch to a 3 night min. stay, except over the
winter holidays when it will be a 4 night min.(existing booking can
remain as booked).

STARTING Oct 15, 2020, until ice-off 2021,

-We will be closing down and winterizing the Mens Shower-house and the
Dish-wash house.

-The ladies shower house will be converted into a unisex facility. All
shower and bathrooms in it have locking doors for privacy.

-Open hours in this building will be reduced, and closed for 4
scheduled cleaning/sanitizing each day. Every rustic cabin now has its
own exclusive use outhouse to use when this shower-house is closed.

-The rustic cabins will NOT have eating and cooking utensils for the
winter season. Guests must bring there own for this time. There will
still be a kettle, coffee maker, two wash basins, tea towels/dish
cloth, dish soap and a dishwasher rack in the cabins.

Thanks for your understanding and working with changes, so we can all
enjoy winter at Tunkwa!

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