Covid-19 Update May 7/20

Tunkwa Lake Resort been doing it’s best to make decisions that are in
alignment with the BC Government and Minster of Health. The decisions
we continue to make keep in mind the safety of our guests, the safety
of our employees, and the safety of our small community. We have been
patiently awaiting some direction from our Provincial Government, as
to guidance on when Tunkwa lake Resort can safely open. While waiting
for government direction, we have been extremely busy making changes
to our resort so that employees and guests will feel as safe as
possible when at our facility.


Premier Horgan’s press conference on May 06th has provided us some
clarity. From the announcement, it appears that we should be able to
open on June 1st.

As with other businesses, there will be new procedures and protocols
in place to make the entire resort as safe as possible for all of our
guests, annuals and employees. These new procedures and protocols will
be clearly communicated to everyone as they are finalized.


In the meantime we are continuing to do our part in supporting the
Health Minister and Premiers request that citizens stay local, and not
partake in any non essential travel. As such, Tunkwa Lake Resort will
remain closed.


We want to thank everybody who has been doing their part in the battle
against this virus, it has made BC the envy of all other populated
provinces as well as all other countries. Everyone’s sacrifices have
paid off. We would also like to thank everyone for their
understanding and support of the Resort through these times. We are
so excited to see all of you very soon.

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