2023 Fishing Reports

Mar. 12,23

Ice is 18-24 inches thick with 8-10 inches of dense snow on the ice, no slushy conditions at this time. The next 2 weeks forecast will keep conditions favorable for ice fishing, daytime highs just above freezing and nights down to -9, later next week the lows -3 with highs to 5 during the day. These are the warmest temps so far this March as winter is holding on. Fish are being caught with 4-5 inches below a flasher using worms. Fish are just below the bottom of the lake ice in 9-10 feet of water seems to be the most productive. Ice off will probably be like a typical year, end of the second week of April to the 3rd week of April. Winter is not done yet although temps are warming up.


Feb. 16,23

Mild conditions continue with the odd cold night. Lake ice is 17-18 inches thick with packed snow/ice with an inch of powder snow on top. A foot and a half snow at the lower areas around the lake with higher … Continue reading


Slushy and wet ice conditions over the holidays has now refroze to the main ice, there was a foot of snow on the ice and even with cold freezing temps it does not freeze with the snow cover insulating the … Continue reading