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Fishing Report:
23 Feb 2015
Beautiful spring like conditions up here at Tunkwa, with the day time temps hitting plus 7 or so in the bright sun! Bring your sunscreen!!! Nights are staying below freezing and keeping the lake ice solid and SAFE. The ice thickness is approximately 15".
Ice fishing pressure has been light, but trout are still being caught. First light is key, and being very shallow. Worms fished under a Spoon, on a jig conditions to be the best presentation.
Not much snow around for snowmobiles, but a quad will now work well to cover some ground.

Marcel was rewarded with this nice brace of Tunkwa rainbows in just under an hours fish yesterday morning. Spoon/Jig/worm combo did the trick!
Feb. 10/14
10 Feb 2015
Some unreal mild temperatures in the area, have created conditions typically seen in late March or early April! All of our snow has melted, and we've seen some incredible run off happening over a really short period of time. The ice cover on Tunkwa is still plenty thick, at over 16", with the surface super slick, due to the melt and refreeze on top. The ice is a bit soft where run off has been entering the lake along the shoreline, these spots are very obvious by the stained water showing at these spots. Fishing was a bit hit or miss, to slow for most this past weekend. Some anglers still did pretty good, but the best activity was first light, and was pretty well done by 9am, you had to get out there early! Another flurry of action takes place right before sunset. Best action was happening in very shallow water, 4 or 5' in the backs of some of the shallower bays. Worms continue to be the best bait, fished under a large flashy spoon.
Ice is safe!
06 Feb 2015
Lots of inquiries about the ice conditions with all the milder temps this winter.
Tunkwa/Leighton still has plenty of safe ice, with thickness varying from 16 -18". Right now the surface is very slick, with water pooling on it from the recent snow melt. Take care moving on the ice due to slippery conditions.
Fishing was a bit spotty last weekend, with fish being caught, but overall it's was slower then it has been the past few weeks.
Jan. 26/15
26 Jan 2015
Ice fishing was very good this past weekend, with some really intense flurries of action on Saturday morning. The trout wanted worms fished under an aggressively jigged spoon, our 'Tunkwa rigs' proved to be very effective on them.
The change in the weather seemed to really put the fish off on Sunday morning, but they were back biting again really good today.
Some unreal warm temps, saw our snow base really pack down, and the top of the lake turn very wet quickly,  last nights -4 turned it solid again, but it sure is slippery out there! Ice is still plenty solid and safe.

Great seeing the kids enjoying themselves out side during the winter!
Jan 19/15
19 Jan 2015
Busy weekend on Tunkwa, but reports coming in from most ice fishermen, was positive, with some nice trout coming up through the ice. Finding weed-lines, away from surface activity is key.
Trout to 3.5lbs were landed by guests. Some more snow came down, but we did have some nice sunny conditions, with temps rising to just above freezing, just a great time to be on the ice!

A Tunkwa limit will make for some fine eats!

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