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Fishing Report:
July 28/14
28 Jul 2014
The 'bombers' have started to hatch and we're not talking about water Bombers either! Tunkwa's famous giant chironomids(aka Bombers) have started to hatch and the rainbow trout are getting dialed into them, fishing has been good to fantastic when set up in the right areas. Some incredible fishing action days are being reported by many of our guests. Lots of giant red bloodworms showing up in throat samples. Fishing the weed edges, over a soft bottom, where the chironies are hatching has been the key. Some areas of the lake are busy, but there are lots of areas with hatches and feeding fish that are being over looked. Peak activity has been all over the place since the last report. Some days, 8:30 till 4:30, others a hot morning bite, and other twilite has been 'on'. Huge chironomids have been the ticket, Bomber sized, ASB/red rib, Summer Duck, Bronzie bombers, solid Black, and 'Tunkwa Irratators' have all been producing, sometime right on the bottom others up a few feet off bottom. This hatch should just keep gettting stronger over the upcoming couple of weeks.

Trolling has been a bit slower, as the fish are really keying in on the chironomids. The usual trolling presentations, will produce, just not the numbers usually expected. Morning and evening have been the best times. Some really good catches have been coming off worms, rigged on a slip float fished deeper where the chironomids have been hatching.

Evening bight was on! One of many this past Saturday evening.
July 21/14
21 Jul 2014
Fishing has been really hot or cold since the last report, some days the trout are hitting anything, the next will be very selective, making it hard work to hook up.
this past Saturday, saw some incredible winds, making boat set up a challenge. The big winds stirred up Tunkwa, moving the fish around, but left lots of bloodworms suspended, providing easy pickings for the trout. The lake really stayed calm yesterday, same for today, and we should see fishing pick back up.
We saw rainbow trout landed to just over 5 lbs this last week. Some of the best fishing has been in the last hour of daylight, right at dusk, fishing just off some of the bigger weed beds.
Dark coloured flies have been the best presentation then.
Bomber sized chironomids have been the best presentation, with Chameleon, Static/Red Rib, and KD's being good patterns. When the fish are fussy, switching over to smaller Charberous patterns has been a good choice.
We are seeing more Bomber sized chironomids hatching, but the big hatch hasn't happened yet, still early. It typically will peak the first full week of August.
Mixed reports coming from guests trolling, just picking up fish here and there, on a variety of presentations.
Worms fished under a slip float, has been another presentation producing trout.
The nearby Thompson River has open for Spring/Chinook fishing as well. Some good reports from anglers fishing for resident rainbows in there as well, with caddis presentations being the best. Stonefly nymphs are another good bet.

Richard, fishing Tunkwa on his days off, boated this nice Pennaske rainbow,  almost filling the Moby-Whale net, on a Maroon/green barber-pole #12 chironomid.

Another giant in the net!

July 14/14
14 Jul 2014
Summer has settled into the area, lots of sun and warm daytime temperatures. Thankfully our nights cool right down, and make for beautiful nights, and some great late evening fishing.
Algae bloom is still light, and water clarity is very clear. Water surface temps are in the low 70's but temps eblow that layer are still very cool.
Of interest to the chironomid fishermen, the "bombers" have started to hatch, with the first sign of this past Saturday afternoon, right after the full moon. Guys that are on the hatches are doing well, with some of the better rods doing extremely well! Chironie fishing seems to be best in the late afternoon, and right up until dark. Large Chironomids patterns in size 10 long are the ticket. Various "Static Bag" patterns are working, as is "Summer Duck", Black Sallies, and the "Chameleon" pattern has been supper hot!
Trollers are getting some fish, mostly in the morning, and evening, mid day fishing has been slow. Fly paaterns like the Pumpkinhead, Marroon Leach, and Doc Spratleys have been producing. Bingo Bugs in darker shades have been working. Kwikfish and HotShots in the perch or frog patterns have been a good call. Worms fished under a slip float, have been producing.

Fish on! AGAIN........

Bloom is starting..

One of many, that fell for the "Chameleon" chironomid pattern fished under a slip float.
July 7/14
07 Jul 2014
Some very unsettled weather the past while, with rain and wind, made fishing a bit unpredictable. Looks like the forecast has really smartened up, with steady, warm sunny weather upon us now. Like most of the lakes in the area, bug hatches have been spotty, with short intense flurries at times. Surface water temps have been in the upper 60's, algae bloom still light. Fisherman who can get on these hatches have been doing well. Best action has been in the late afternoon, into the evenings. There are still lots of trout feeding in the weed beds, but they are tough to get and fish effectively. Fishing large holes in the weeds, or along weed edges can be productive. There are lots of small fish in the weeds right now. Smaller chironomids in any of the Static bag, chromie type patterns have been the best chironomid patterns.
While chironomid fishing has been spotty, trollers have been doing pretty good. Small plugs like Hotshots in perch or frog patterns have been steadily producing. Trolling Bingo Bugs( a cross between a fly and a hard body lure) have been producing some nice catches as well. Pumkinheads, patrol cars and marroon leaches have also worked, when trolled or wind drifted along the weed edges.

Brothers Noah and Matt show dad how it's done! This one feel for a static bag chironomid under the indicator.

Ernesto with his first ever trout, caught on Tunkwa this past weekend.
Couple reports from nearby Mamitt Lake, have been positive. The clam conditions up here the past few days have allowed anglers to get on this notorious windy lake. A heavy algae bloom but some bigger chironomid have been hatching, and the trout and other fish in this alke been dialed into them. Rainbows into the 3lb range have been reported. Rodney Hsu(Webmaster at Fishing with Rod) caught a beauty of a whitefish there yesterday, first we have heard of one being caught in there!

A typical Mamitt Lake wild rainbow.
July 02,14
02 Jul 2014
Chironomid fishing has picked up in certain locations w/o visible hatches, which means leaning to an imminent hatch very soon.
Fishing the weed bed edges with chironomids, damsels, mayfly and caddis pupae in the evenings some are doing well late afternoons and into the evening.
Trollers have been having the most success, with most of the usual lure presentations and attractor flies catching fish.

Good water circulation and warm weather and stable high pressure should trigger hatches this week and the lake should be fishing well!

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