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Fishing Report:
26 Aug 2014
Fishing has stayed pretty steady since the last report. Daytime temps have cooled off a bit, and night time have dropped down to more typical temps. Some rain here and there has lifted the campfire bans, but more importantly put some fresh water into the lake. Water levels are starting to drop as the ranchers are now pulling water out of Tunkwa, which is good, providing some movement in the lake water. Fish are still holding in the top 8' of water throughout the lake. Trolling shallow diving plugs like the Kwikfish or HotShots, keeping them in the top layers of water, have been producing some nice trout. Trout to 24" have been landed the past week, with a few good tales of bigger ones getting away.Worms under a float, continues to be a really good bet as well.
Fly anglers casting micro leaches( in various colours but the PatrolCar leach has been hot!)into the weed edges, have been rewarded with some nice fish. Yesterday we saw some giant chironomids hatching in good numbers(maybe due to the water being pulled out of the lake?) with the trout really dialed into them. Bomber sized ASB with red rib, fished 7' down over 8 to 11 feet of water, produced!

Scott C. with one of many nice ones he tangled with during his stay at Tunkwa.

August sunrise at the lake.

Aug. 17, 14
17 Aug 2014
With the lack of chironomid hatches the fly fishermen have been catching fish on blood worms of a large size( Brian Chan's blood worm) and other large patterns. Color does matter in fishing the blood worm and some guys have been getting break offs from the larger fish hammering the fly. Other fly guys are fishing the weed bed edges and over the weed beds using Dragon fly nymphs(Gomphus), mayfly nymphs and damsel patterns. Temps have cooled down the lake creating a fall atmosphere here at just under 4000 foot in elevation. Guests Trollering using HotShots, or Kwikfish fishing 6-9 feet down are getting trout to 3lbs. Off the docks and off shore kids (and some adults to!) have been doing well with a worm under a float with fish to over 3 lbs being landed.
Just in(1:40 PM) there is a report of #14 chiromomids and spotty patches of larger ones now hatching, the Terminator pattern chironomid were used to hook up, also half-backs and 52 Buicks caught fish today. Surface water temps have dropped off dramatically the last few days, a sign that fish are going to start to fatten up for their 6 months of being ice covered.
11 Aug 2014
No real bug hatches since the last report. Chironomid fishing has been very slow. Lots of good sticks here, waiting for the next 'Bomber' hatch. They are seeing some big bloodworms in throat pumps, and some suspended in the water column, all good indicators a hatch is shaping up.
Guests trolling have still been hooking up, lots of trout down about 6' below the surface. Action has been spotty, with best times during the early morning or evening. Frog coloured HotShots have been the ticket, and we've seen some great catches falling for on a blue/silver kwikfish. Worms fished under a slip float has been another successful tactic as of late, we have seen some beautiful trout being caught off our docks the last couple of days.

Another incredible Tunkwa sunset!
05 Aug 2014
What a roller coaster this past week since our last report!The early part of the week saw some incredible fishing on Tunkwa. Wednesday saw some decent hatches of Bomber chironomids coming off, and everyone was hooking up, even double headers with both rods going off at the same time!! Good fun. Trout were feeding at about 12' over the 18'-19' mud flats. Thurs saw things slow down, with the action picking up at about 11:30 and continue to 7pm, but few hatches. The weekend rolled around, and no bugs were hatching and trout just weren't feeding, it was tough and slow going! Rain and thunderstorms rolling through in the evenings didn't help either.
Chironomiding has been slow, but our guests trolling are starting to pick up trout, again fishing deep along the 18' mud flats, staying a foot of the bottom. Maroon or Black Leaches, or kwikfish plugs trolled deep just off the bottom are providing some action.
Our chironomiding 'experts' are still predicting a big bomber to hatch with the next change in the weather.

Bloomin and boomin!

Lisa showing the guys how it's done. Every time I looked over she was hooked up!

Some awesome sunsets during August.
July 28/14
28 Jul 2014
The 'bombers' have started to hatch and we're not talking about water Bombers either! Tunkwa's famous giant chironomids(aka Bombers) have started to hatch and the rainbow trout are getting dialed into them, fishing has been good to fantastic when set up in the right areas. Some incredible fishing action days are being reported by many of our guests. Lots of giant red bloodworms showing up in throat samples. Fishing the weed edges, over a soft bottom, where the chironies are hatching has been the key. Some areas of the lake are busy, but there are lots of areas with hatches and feeding fish that are being over looked. Peak activity has been all over the place since the last report. Some days, 8:30 till 4:30, others a hot morning bite, and other twilite has been 'on'. Huge chironomids have been the ticket, Bomber sized, ASB/red rib, Summer Duck, Bronzie bombers, solid Black, and 'Tunkwa Irratators' have all been producing, sometime right on the bottom others up a few feet off bottom. This hatch should just keep gettting stronger over the upcoming couple of weeks.

Trolling has been a bit slower, as the fish are really keying in on the chironomids. The usual trolling presentations, will produce, just not the numbers usually expected. Morning and evening have been the best times. Some really good catches have been coming off worms, rigged on a slip float fished deeper where the chironomids have been hatching.

Josh Gray with a nice tunkwa Trout.

Evening bight was on! One of many this past Saturday evening.

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