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Fishing Report:
06 Oct 2014
This warm weather, coupled with the sun, has made the fishing in Tunkwa pretty good. The trout are shallow, and feeding heavy in the weeds, often you can see them cruising in less then 2'! It's pretty exciting fishing casting and watching them react to your presentation. Try to find live green weeds, with fish showing themselves, and you'll hook up. Surface water temps seem to be holding around 55F.
Smaller olive or grey scud patterns have been the best bet, but smaller boatmen patterns have been hot as well, various leach or attractor patterns(PumpkinHead, 52 Buicks, K-Marts etc) have been a producing as well. A Blue Fox spinner ripped through the weeds has been working as well. Some big fish are falling for a fresh worm fished under a small float as well.
Some great fishing still to be had!!!

One of many Brendan, his brother and Dad got into on Tunkwa

A FireTiger Kwikfish, slow trolled hooked this nice one for Lorraine,
29 Sep 2014
Fishing continues to be pretty good on Tunkwa. Trout are feeding in the shallows and along the weed edges. Some good sight fishing opportunites on the lake now as well. Trolling is a bit tougher, as the fish are very shallow.
Fish will hit any presentation, but attrasctor patterns are best. The vampire leach has been a hot choice, but PumpkinHead, BloodSucker leaches, PatrolCar or BlueMaroons are all good bets. Scud patterns and Doc Spratleys have been working.
Worms under a float, are working as well.
Some of the best fishing of the year is happening!
23 Sep 2014
Water temps on Tunkwa have really cooled off due to the cool nights. The sun and warm day-times though, have really got the trout active, and fishing has been very good. No rush to get on the water early or stay out late, the 10am - 4pm shift has been the best time to fish Tunkwa lake.
Key is to fish shallow, or along the weed edges. Holes or large opening in the weedflats are holding good numbers of trout, including some bigger ones. These fish are in there to feed and are very aggressive, going out of there way to chase down your presentation. The cool things is, you can often see the schools of trout cruising or following your line in. Tunkwa is extremely clear right now, and it's amazing what you can see down there now.
Casting a Blue Fox spinner is probably the best tactic right now, but working any attractor fly pattern will work to. These fish are a bit skitterish due to the visibility, and one has to keep any false casting and movement to a minimum.
Guests have been doing very well casting 'Vampire Leaches" to the weed edges, and the PumpkinHead pattern has been another good producer. Trolling shallow, just off the weed lines is another productive method. Hot Shots or Kwikfish plugs are a good bet for this, as they don't dive tio deep if left unweighted, with Frog or Black/Silver colours good choices.
Worms fished under the float, is as usual, deadly effective and a sure way to get into lots of action.
We've had no reports from neighbouring Leighton Lake as of late.

Fall fishing can be some of the best of the year!!!!
16 Sep 2014
Fishing on Tunkwa continues to be very consistent, with most guests reporting lots of action. The warm days and cool nights have got the trout into a good feeding pattern preparing for the long winter.
Best action is fishing around the 13' depth over the deeper part of the lake. Presentation isn't that critical, just get it to the right depth. Trolled pumpkinhead flies have been the hottest bet, but a HotShot trolled through is producing pretty good as well. Worms fished under a float just off the weed edges has been another sure bet. Some of the best action has been in the early evening, when the lake just comes alive with active trout.
Chironomid fishing has really slowed down, with the bite slowing since middle of last week. Chironomids are still hatching, but the trout aren't really dialing in on them now. Scuds, or leaches hung under an indicator are far outproducing the chironomid patterns.
TransWest Roofing had there annual fishing derby here this past weekend, and the guys got into lots of trout, with many of them a good size. Stan Gregorowich landed the heaviest rainbow trout at 3.4lbs to win. Good job guys!

Lots of trout suspended in the lake, as is shown in this pict of Woody's graph, while out on Tunkwa.
10 Sep 2014
A beautiful weekend up here, warm and sunny, plus the trout were biting!! Cooler nightime temps have really brought the lake temps down as of late.
Lots of fish were caught on a variety of techniques. We saw some really heavy chironomid hatches including some bigger sized, to 'bomber' sized.
Trolling Kwikfish or Hotshots were solid producers. Various leach patterns or Pumpkinheads were good as well. Gang trolls and wedding bnads did not seem to produce as well.
Worms fished under floats have been deadly, producing lots of trout to 3lbs.
An annual family fishing derby held here, saw lots of fish brought in with the biggest being a 4lb-12oz.
So far this week it has been windy, but the guests able to set up, and get out of the wind have still been hooking up.

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