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Fishing Report:
27 Jul 2015
It's BOMBER TIME!!!!! and we're not talking water bomber's either!
The 'bomber' sized chironomids have started to hatch pretty strong right now, with a couple of Tunkwa old timers, commenting they haven't seen hatches that heavy in a long time. The lake surface is covered with giant chironie shucks.
We had a lot of wind and cool weather on Friday and Saturday, making conditions challenging, but for those who braved it, it was worth the effort. Sunday saw steady rain, with falling temps, until the system moved through in the evening, fishing was good!
Bugs are hatching everywhere, but by paying attention to your graph(fish finder), look for the larger schools of trout first, is key....or just look for the boats set up on them. Sometimes a move away from the others boats can pay off large, enabling you to have a school of tout all to your yourself.
Distance fished off the bottom varies, and at times it seems, pattern isn't that critical. Chironomids tied in size 8 or 10, on 3X hooks are best. Greens, like the chameleon, Black/red rib, Various combinations of ASB(anti-static bag) have been consistent as well.
Mayflies have been hatching pretty good in the eves, and we are seeing lots of surface activity as trout are taking the nymphs as they emerge. Fishing a half back in the surface film, or a tom Thumb on the top with get you into the trout as well.
Trolling has been a bit spotty, but still producing some trout. The usual Kwikfish/Hot-Shot patterns will work. Wedding bands tipped with a worm, are another good bet.
We are all predicting the fishign is going to get even better over the next two weeks, it's GO TIME!

Tyler and Jared Van der Kolk visiting from the Netherlands...
A couple on their first chronomid fishing trip.The green bombers worked .....

"Little" Dick with proof, his flies can slay them, one of several dozen he landed the other day.

Woodies recycled flies, after a couple days on the Bomber hatch, gives you an idea of the various patterns producing. Sometimes switching up really pays off.....

......with Tunkwa tout like these! Good job Ken!
July 20th 15
20 Jul 2015

Water tempuratures have cooled down due to low overnight tempurtures with wind late last week and the fishing picked up dramatically starting Saturday. Sunday was good and today is also very good. Chironomid fishing worked the best with large green patterns working along with black/red. Fished just off the bottom as the fish were feeding on bloodworms and emerging large chironomids in dark green. Other patterns worked well also like the Cameleon and Terminator's along with very dark pupae patterns. Green red butts also did well.

Trollers with just a flat fish or hot shot in pink fished deep did well also. Worm and bobber also fished just off the bottom produced fish. Damsels and dragon flies continue to come off along with mayflies in the mornings and evenings.

July 13/15
13 Jul 2015
The hot spell broke later last week, with temps going back to more normal.We've had rain in the area the past few days as well. Night times are still nice and cool, dropping down to around 7 degrees.
Surface water temps are still hovering around the 70F mark. Algae bloom hasn't really started.
Fishing has still been spotty, with the better action in the later afternoon, and evening, as the lake cools offs. Hatches have been small, and sporadic, but fish are feeding when this happens. Smaller chironomids and small mayflies have been the predominant hatches, but still lots of damsels migrating to shore and emerging as well.

Action has been on or off, as the trout decide to feed. Chironomid anglers have been doing best with bloodworm patterns, with cranberry, brass bead in a size 10 being the best producer. Chameleon patterns have been a good call as well. Fished close to the bottom in the deeper parts of the lake. Anglers are just slowly moving around, looking for pods of trout on there fish finders/graphs, then setting up on them are doing the best.
Trolling or wind drifting PumkinHeads, Maroon Leaches or Mayfly Nymphs(Halfbacks), is another technique that is working.

Guest trolling hardware are having mixed results, but best action is in the evening. Slow trolling HotShots or Bingo Bugs are working. We've been suggesting to guests trolling, to try trolling in reverse, to really slow the boats down, this technique, called backtrolling, is very effective when the trout want a super slow presentation.

Worms set up on a slip float fished in the same area chironomid anglers are set up, is always a consistent producer as well.

Here a couple of pics of happy little kids with fish!
July 6/15
06 Jul 2015
Weather up here at Tunkwa has been pretty nice, daytime temps not hitting the highs like the cities, and valleys, our elevation sure helps. Night times have been nice and cool, it was 6 degrees this morning! We've had no forest fires in the area, so no smokey haze in the area currently, it's beautiful up here now!!!

Fishing has been really hit or miss, some days good action others days a grind to get them to go. There are huge schools of rainbows sitting in the deeper part of the lake, about a foot of bottom, so fishing in 19' is a good bet. Fish being pumped by anglers are full of bloodworms, in olive, dark reds, and metallic greens. The sign of bloodworms, means some good chironomid hatches are about to happen.
Some good action was had yesterday afternoon and into the evening, fishing some shallower areas of the lake(8') where active fish could be seen moving and feeding. Water surface temps ahve been staying comfortable, hitting 70/71 mid day, the cool nights are keeping water temps in check.

Trollers are picking up some fish in the early morning or later evening when the sun isn't as bright. Getting down to the depth where the fish are is key right now.

Jim Thorne landed this beauty during the middle of the day, while fishing with his two sons.
July 1,15
01 Jul 2015

Deep water( 16ft) chironomid fishing has begun with anglers catching fish on maroon, chartreuse/red, The Chameleon and various bloodworm patterns as fish schooled up  feeding on bloodworms.

Fishers trolling gang trolls with worms or hot shots at 15 feet did well also. Barometer went up today and nice sunny stable weather through the weekend will keep the fish biting.

Fish up to 4 lbs. were caught.

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