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Fishing Report:
April 15/14
15 Apr 2014
We are starting to get lots of calls about ice off conditions. Things are progressing along nicely with some good open water areas along the shorelines.
Our creeks are starting to pump water in. The ice is rotten, and will not support any weight. Chironomids are hacthing through the open areas.
Just a best guess at this point, but we should see it gone in the next couple of weeks, max.
A few area lakes, at lower elevations, iced off last week and are providing some early season fishing opportunities.

We will keep conditions updated on here, and remember to check our web cam to see the conditions in front of the resort.
March 17/14
17 Mar 2014
A few more anglers out on the ice the past few days. Despite the warm trend last week, the ice is still going strong on Tunkwa, with 24" of solid ice. Any snow on the top has long melted and frozen up. Some spots along the shoreline, where run off is entering the lake is getting sloppy, but still plenty strong. Always use caution where you see the ice a bit brownish along the shore, this is where it will open first and be the fist spots of unsafe ice.
Friday and sat saw some incredible winds, making it a challenge to stay on the ice, fish were off and the few bites were very light. Leighton fished a bit better as guest headed there to get some shelter from the south winds, and reported fishing was OK. Sunday saw the winds stop, and the barometer was steady, and the Tunkwa trout really turned on the morning, with some guests having great success and lots of action. The morning bite was key, starting up as early as 6:30am! later morning traffic moved or turned the active trout off and it slowed right down for the rest of the day. Ice conditions are still safe here, and we will probably still have a couple more weeks of safe ice.
This will be our last ice fishing report of the season, but will be doing updates as ice conditions change, and Tunkwa starts to ice-off, to start the open water season.

Mar. 6 14
06 Mar 2014
Tunkwa fished well yesterday for a group of fishers using raw and cooked shrimp. Largest fish was 2.5 lbs with 2lb's average. The sun came out and Temps warmed to 4 Deg, Interior temps for Saturday are forecast to be 7 Deg and 9 Deg on Sunday in the sunshine, a welcome break from Old Man winter and a prelude to spring! Ice conditions are good with no slushy conditions but with warmer temps there may be some slush early next week, ice is over 2 feet thick so ice fishing is safe for quite some time.

Mar. 1,14
01 Mar 2014
Fishing the last 2 days has been good once finding the fish. Worms, cooked shrimp,raw-pro-cued prawns and krill have all been working with krill doing the best. Scuds (shrimp) are being found in the harvested fish which explains why their catching fish where they are. Scuds feed on the undersides of the lake ice and some are catching fish just under the ice as the fish are feeding on the scuds and that's where to lower your offering to.
Various groups are out today on the "hot" spots so we shall see how they do even with the approaching low pressure which generally puts off the fish but the past 3 weeks has made the fish more active during low pressure and less active during sunny high pressure which for most fishers is the complete opposite of how it should be.
17 Feb 2014
Wow, a windy weekend up here, but at least no rain, and just a bit of snow. Conditions didn't keep anglers off the ice on Tunkwa though, lots of anglers out enjoying some good fishing. Before the system blew in Saturday afternoon, the rainbows were on the feed, and super aggressive. Some fast action, with better then average sized trout being caught. Even I had my own 'big one that got away' story, with a monster of a trout putting up a great fight, then trying to get up the hole, it bent the heavy jig out, letting the monster slip back into Tunkwa. Guests that could stand the wind, were into fish, some into good numbers, and good sized fish. Fishing less then 10' deep is key now, as oxygen levels start to drop, the trout will stay in the zone with better O2. Fish couple of hours then the last hour are prime time to be fishing. Ice is a good 20 - 24" thick!From what we where hearing from guests, Tunkwa probably fished the best since December and early ice. Small Cooked or raw shrimp pieces were the best producer, again fished under the "Tunkwa rig"(big steelhead spoon with a medium sized glow jig dropper), but action was also reported by folks just dead-sticking a piece of bait on a plain old hook. Today, with calmer, sunny conditions, the trout were back on the feed bag and the anglers out there all came back with big smiles after the morning fish. Throat pump samples showed the fish are feeding heavily on blood worms, with the odd scud in the mix. Leighton produced as well, but not near the size of fish as Tunkwa.
There's still some great ice fishing opportunities to be had, come on up and enjoy the sunshine!

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