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Fishing Report:
Jan 19/15
19 Jan 2015
Busy weekend on Tunkwa, but reports coming in from most ice fishermen, was positive, with some nice trout coming up through the ice. Finding weed-lines, away from surface activity is key.
Trout to 3.5lbs were landed by guests. Some more snow came down, but we did have some nice sunny conditions, with temps rising to just above freezing, just a great time to be on the ice!

A Tunkwa limit will make for some fine eats!
Jan. 12/15
12 Jan 2015
Tunkwa continues to fish through the ice very well, with lots of rainbow trout being caught.Varied locations are producing, but most not far from weed edges. Trout to over 4 lbs were landed. Shrimp, krill or worms continue to be the best baits, best fished below a spoon, acting as an attractor.
Ice is still approx. 14" thick, but there are some spots nearer to underwater springs, and creek inflows, that will be a thinner, plenty safe for quads or sleds but not vehicles. It is advisable to NOT drive cars or trucks on the lake.

One of many bright rainbows up through the Tunkwa ice.

06 Jan 2015
Like most of the Interior of BC, the Tunkwa area was bombarded by snow the past few days. The snow is very welcome, as it will translate into more fresh water for the lakes come spring. Roads are getting cleared, and getting around is doable. Travel on the ice is limited to snowmobiles or quads with tracks, right now there is no way a quad will go anywhere's out there. The temps are warming up and the snow is packing down, so that should change quickly.
There is about 14" of ice on Tunkwa, Leighton about the same, plenty safe.
Ice fishing reports are varied, with some guests doing extremely well, while others having little success. The best fishing is still shallow, just off weed-lines, but you need to get away from noise on top of the ice, these shallow fish are spooky!!!
The usual presentations and baits are working, but we had one couple in who were doing very well, fishing a piece of corn above a small chunk of worm, landing close to 3 dozen trout the one day, prior to the storms arrival. Most of the rainbows were in the 16 -18" range, but a couple bigger ones broke them off.
It's a great time to give ice fishing a try, and call us for more information on our ice fishing packages offered!

Rachel with one of many trout for her and James. fishing very shallow on Tunkwa.

James with a nice bright Tunkwa trout.
21 Dec 2014
12" of solid ice on Tunkwa, with just a dusting of icey crunchy snow on it.
Ice fishing has been pretty good on Tunkwa the past couple of days, with the rainbow trout feeding aggressively. Fishing shallow is key, getting along the weed lines in 3 -6 feet of water. Shrimp and maggots tipping a jig, fished under a spoon, has been the best presentation. Trout to over 3 lbs have been caught. Bite is best first thing in the morning. Fish being cleaned are stuffed full of smaller grey scuds(freshwater shrimp). No recent reports from next door Leighton lake, but we would guess it should be fishing pretty good as well. Remember Parks have locked the gates into the parks again so access is limited, be prepared to hike in.
Daytime temps have been nice hovering just above freezing, and nights just getting down to a few degrees below freezing, it's a great time to get out and experience fishing through the ice!
12 Dec 2014
Despite the spell of warm weather, with heavy rains, ice conditions on Tunkwa remain good. 10 plus inches of ice. The lake surface is slippery due to the snow melt, but has set up solid again. A bit of snow last night has helped provide traction. Ice fishing pressure has been light, but fish are trout are being caught. Cooked shrimp, dew worms or jigs tipped with maggots are best bets. Leighton has been fishing good, but once again, for some unknown reasons, Parks have locked the gates, and a bit of leg work is required to get to the lake.

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