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Fishing Report:
Nov 15th,14
15 Nov 2014
Another cold night last night with temps diping to -20..
Ice thickness is 5 inches with no snow on top. It's a "clear blue" ice so a good start to the ice fishing season.
12 Nov 2014
Overnight temps of -19 completely froze the entire lake overnight. Without any wind, the surface is a smooth surface.
With the next 4 days being very cold with the high pressure ridge holding the ice will thicken up quickly creating a solid foundation for the upcoming ice fishing season.
Drawing and end to the open water fishing season which with the continued stockings of the Pennask strain of rainbow trout will make the up-coming year much looked forward to year.

11 Nov 2014
Our first real cold night of the fall, with temps hitting -13. We awoke to a skim layer of ice on Tunkwa. It should stay if we don't get any winds today, and we'll soon see the start of the hardwater season!
05 Nov 2014
I can't believe it but our stillwater/open water fishing has continued to be going strong, even this late in the year! Normally we would be reporting about ice starting to form, and things getting in shape for the hardwater fishery, but this unreal warm weather this fall, has seen some awesome open water fishing. Lake is void of anglers, you'll have to to yourself, but the bight is on! Fsihing shallow, in the weeds, weed openings and edges will get you into plenty of action. Leach or scud patterns are hot, and will see you into plenty of action when you set up along the right weed edge where the rainbows are feeding. Lots of 3lb plus rainbows are being hooked, bigger trout are burying themselves in the weeds when hooked making extracting a challenge. Wading out from the shorelines will also get you into the action right now, no boat required!.
 If you still have a hankering for some open water trout fishing, come on up, it's happening!
06 Oct 2014
This warm weather, coupled with the sun, has made the fishing in Tunkwa pretty good. The trout are shallow, and feeding heavy in the weeds, often you can see them cruising in less then 2'! It's pretty exciting fishing casting and watching them react to your presentation. Try to find live green weeds, with fish showing themselves, and you'll hook up. Surface water temps seem to be holding around 55F.
Smaller olive or grey scud patterns have been the best bet, but smaller boatmen patterns have been hot as well, various leach or attractor patterns(PumpkinHead, 52 Buicks, K-Marts etc) have been a producing as well. A Blue Fox spinner ripped through the weeds has been working as well. Some big fish are falling for a fresh worm fished under a small float as well.
Some great fishing still to be had!!!

One of many Brendan, his brother and Dad got into on Tunkwa

A FireTiger Kwikfish, slow trolled hooked this nice one for Lorraine,

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