Tunkwa Lake is ice free. 12:00 p.m. Mar.25th

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Fishing Report:
March 29/15
30 Mar 2015
A windy weekend up at Tunkwa, but still warm.
Lake levels are slowly rising, but water clarity remained good. Water temps in the upper 40's.
Few guests out fishing were able to tuck themselves into some protected bays to get out of the wind, and fished shallow against the shorelines. Maroon Micro Leaches or size 16 Black/red chironomids were the best producers for the fly anglers,and trollers picked up some fish on slow trolled kwikfish. Fishing pressure was quiet light.
Great to be able to get a record early start on the open water fish!!
Mar. 25, 15
25 Mar 2015

   Tunkwa Lake is 100 % ice free as of noon today!!!

 Some fishers on the weekend got into a few fish, one was 3 1/2 caught. Small micro leeches produced fish and a fellow managed one on a #12 chironomid although 16's and 18's were coming off in the shallower parts of the lake. Leighton is 40-50% off as of yesterday.

23 Mar 2015
Tunkwa is 40% open water, remaining ice is 1 to 1 1/2 in. thick and very weak, a South West wind tomorrow may will blow off the remaining ice!!!!!!!!!!!
Mar. 12,15 Tunkwa ICE is UNSAFE
12 Mar 2015
A couple of holes were drilled in the ice this morning. First 2 inches was solid ice, below that the water has saturated the ice filling the hole with water. We'd highly recommend staying off the ice, as it is now unsafe, and have cancelled all of our ice fishing bookings.
Extremely warm, and windy weather conditions will continue the rapid thawing of the lake, with rain foretasted Saturday and Sunday will really add to it's deterioration. Water continues flowing down the falls into Leighton Lake. Spring is rapidly approaching!
Tunkwa will be having an extremely early, probably record early, ice off this year!!
March 9/15
10 Mar 2015
Some beautiful daytime weather up here, lots of sun and warmth. Bring your sunscreen!!! Nightime temps are staying below freezing keeping ice conditions OK. Ice varies in thickness but is 15 plus inches in most spots. Inlet and outlet areas will have less ice due to moving water, and watch out for spots where people have built fires on the ice, as it will be soft, from the sun heating up the dark ashes/soot.
Guests did well ice fishing this past weekend, with good action up shallow close to the resort. Worms tipping a Tunkwa Rig was the best producer.
A couple of our nearby lakes, locate at lower elevation, are iced off and fishing OK as well, with leaches fished slow the best presentation. The local 'stillwater' season has got off to a good start!
This will be out last ice fishing report for the season, BUT
watch here for updates on the ice off status and progress here at Tunkwa and Leighton Lakes.

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