April 10, 2019

Just finished stocking our fly boxes in the store. We have a great selection of incredible ties in chironomids this year, all tied on top quality hooks as well. Leaches and attractor patterns will be enroute tomorrow. Bring on the … Continue reading

Mar. 28,19

Last weeks warm spell has melted the snow around the resort and lower elevations around the lake. Lots of runoff entered the lake. I haven’t been on the ice but fisherman have been off the day use site ice fishing … Continue reading

Feb. 14,19

The recent arctic outflow has increased the lake ice from 12 to 14 inches to 15-18 inches. Temps have warmed up to a bit below seasonal. Fish have been caught over the weekends off weed beds being the best results.Worms,krill,deli … Continue reading

Jan 13,19

Over the gorgeous weekend some guests did extremely well while other caught a few fish and others struggled. First light and last light fishing 3-8 feet produced the best results.