Sept. 19,20

Warmer than seasonal temperatures haven’t slowed the fall fishing to much. The past few days fish were caught on spinners cast towards shore and reeled in, worm under a float in very shallow water picked up some good fish to 5lbs. Kwick fish also produced fish but not as large as the fishers fishing in shallow water or along weed bed edges. Dragon flies were seen yesterday remarkably. Gammarus scuds have been in throat samples now and Halena scuds are still being seen in samples also. Pumkinheads are getting fish, K-marts, Vampire leeches, Rubied eye leech and smaller maroon leeches all caught fish. Reports of active fish(jumping, rolling and riseforms) is a good sign of feeding but in a few area’s. Bloodworm should be migrating at this time of year, caddis should start up again as the weather cools the lake, casting and stripping the nymph provides great fall fishing and something the locals look forward to as the fish tend to be larger and the initial strike can snap you off, bend out your hook or even break the hook at the shank bend if your not ready for it, sometimes you just can’t do anything about it as it just takes a split second to happen. This is where good knots are important so you don’t end up with a piggy tail and lost fly/lure.

Sept. 13,20

Cooler weather has arrived today after very warm temps that were up to 28 Deg the past week. Fishing has slowed, Quick Fish, Mepps spinners, Blue Fox lures did catch fish, the fly fisherman had a more difficult time although … Continue reading

Sept 8/20

Fishing was a bit on the slower side last week, as the prolific chironomid hatches from the previous 3 weeks really petered out. The trout moved shallow, back into the weedy bays and flats to dine on the abundant food … Continue reading

Aug 30,20

Tunkwa’s been fish it’s best of the year the past few weeks. Surface water did drop 2.5 Deg with the last day or 2 of cooler weather which may of slowed the hatch yesterday afternoon effecting fishing a bit. Hatches … Continue reading


‘Epic’ or ‘the best day fishing of my life’ were just a couple of the comments from guests this past weekend! Fishing has been very good the past week, today chironomid hatches are heavy in size #12 and fish are … Continue reading

Aug. 16,20

Summer weather has returned with forecast of the high pressure sticking around the upcoming week. With that fishing should continue to be good to very good as chironomid hatches are coming off with sizes up the #12’s with the odd … Continue reading

Aug. 9,20

Fishing has been spotty the last few days after a tough week of fishing. Fish have been caught on spinners/gang troll/worms under a float/pumkinheads/damsels/dragonfly nymphs/mayfly and caddis nymphs/scuds. Throat samples have showed scuds/daphnia/bloodworms/damsels and yesterday a report of adult chironomids, … Continue reading

July 3.20

It’s been a tough week out on the lake. Fish moved back into the weeds and shallow water during the week. Earlier in the week we were marking fish but they were not feeding. Damsels are coming off in good … Continue reading

July 26.20

Summer weather has arrived heating up water temps triggering chironomid hatches and the damsels are coming off. Worm under a float has worked in 12 feet of water and less. Larger fish have com out of the weeds to feed … Continue reading

July 19, 20

Summer has finally arrived after a prolonged wet/cool period. Fishing has been good for some while others had more difficulty. Guys catching good numbers (20+) and sizes have been chironomid fishing with increasing sizes lately. Reports of good sizes and … Continue reading

July 5.20

The last couple of days have been much nicer compared to the last month of unstable weather. With the warmer water, water temps will rise and we should see things get back on track for bug hatches on the lake. … Continue reading

June 28,20

Fishing the past few days have been very good for the trollers using a variety of methods. Gang trolls with wedding bands trailing hot shots,quick fish, brass spoons, silver spoons,bingo bugs and wedding bands dabbed with a worm. The pumkinhead … Continue reading