What stores are located in Logan Lake?

Logan Lake is located 10 minutes east of the resort and offers restaurants, gas station with movie rentals, shopping plaza, supermarket, liquor store, pub, post office and a variety of small convenience and retail stores.

Hunting Reports 2014

Dec.11/14 Another successful hunting season has come and gone, with a couple more whitetail bucks coming in since the last report. Very few hunters out for the end of the season. Lots of rabbits around this year, plus the ever … Continue reading

Hunting Reports 2013

Nov.30/13   Weather has been milder, with rain and freezing rain in the area. Some fresh snow is finally in the forecast. Hunting pressure has been very light to non-existant the past week. Another mulie doe on a an LEH … Continue reading

August 4/2015

Fishing has remained good since the last report, with some days still being almost unbelievable . Hatches have been a bit spotty, esp. towards the end of the week, but by moving around, they still can be found. 10′-13′ down, … Continue reading